The Fizzy Float!

Introducing the Fizzy Float at Sudbury

Beautifully restored to the highest standard, our vintage horse float is a well-stocked and stylish mobile bar.  Towed by Andy, Sudbury’s 1958 Land Rover, this combo will really add some fun to your wedding day!  It’s guaranteed to be a showstopper, giving your guests another photo moment to your day and a cool place from where to serve your favourite fizzy drink or signature cocktail. 

Recommended session times

3pm – 3.30pm

Pre-ceremony drinks provide the perfect welcome to guests who may have travelled from afar.  Try a delicious mocktail or perhaps a refreshing glass of bubbles!

4.15pm – 5.30pm

Post-ceremony aperitifs to celebrate the Happy Couple; perhaps a G&T or Aperol Spritz to start the party!

8.45pm – 9.45pm

Post-dinner nightcaps or Espresso Martini’s always go down a storm!

With each booking, you will receive;

  • Securing the Fizzy Float
  • Glassware suitable for your cocktail or mocktail
  • Bar staff
  • Ice (lots of ice) and garnishes
  • Styling
  • Bar lighting features
  • Bespoke cocktail menus


The Pony

Hire the Fizzy Float out for one session of your choice and make your guests smile with delight.

$795 (plus your drinks)

The Showjumper

When one session just won’t be enough, choose two so that your guests can immerse themselves in the fun of the Fizzy Float.

$995 (plus your drinks)

The Three Day Eventer

You love cocktails and so do your guests!  Hire the Fizzy Float for the whole day and serve a variety of delicious cocktails to suit each step of your wedding. 

Three sessions at $1195 (plus your drinks)

Fizzy Float, the perfect welcome to guests
Artisan drinks


Our artisan drinks line-up has been carefully handpicked, and we will work closely with you to ensure you have a drinks line up tailored to you and your wedding guests.  We recommend that you provide two drinks per guest per hour and if you should run out, we have additional drinks as a back-up should you require them. 

Raspberry Fizz Mocktail

A delicious and refreshing mocktail perfect for a summer’s day

Elderflower and Mint Sparkle Mocktail

Combining the flavours of elderflower and mint with some refreshing fizz

Aperol Spritz

A perfect way to start the day with a refreshing champagne cocktail. ABV 11%

Gin and Tonic

It’s a classic.  Gin, ice and a slice, and tonic.  ABV 15%


This is for the Gin lover, our recipe sits perfectly between dry and wet. ABV 21%


Balance and simplicity, the perfect combination of gin, bitter orange and sweet vermouth. ABV 20%


One of the finest and oldest cocktails, dating back to the 1800’s, combines whiskey, vermouth and bitters. ABV 20%

Old Fashioned

A classic, done the old fashioned way’ by mixing whiskey, sugar and bitters. ABV 19%

Espresso Martini

Coffee with a kick. We mix vodka, coffee liquor and our house made coffee syrup to create a stronger and less sweet version of the beloved espresso martini. ABV 20%

Chocolate Martini

An 18+ chocolate treat in liquid form. The perfect balance of vodka, creme de cacao and creme de cacao blanc. ABV 20%

$5.00 per mocktail

$10.25 per cocktail