All ten out of ten participants on this week’s Maori Sudbury Leadership programme gave it top marks in post-course feedback. This is what they said:

“Being broken down and rebuilt was a very humbling experience, with so many lessons on offer not only for your work but all facets of your personal life.”

“It was an eye opener. I thought I was leading my team. All this time I have been doing it the wrong way. Now I can lead them with happiness. I loved this course.”

“This will strengthen my relationships, my wiarua and tinana will find balance. To have an animal help me identify who I can be is absolutely life changing. Thank you.”

“This course has so many fundamental life and work skills. It teaches communication, respect, praise, leading by example, following through and never giving up.”

“Thank you for your time and patience with me. I learned so much and feel a more stronger, confident person”

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