Much as we love weddings, we love down time too especially when we can spend the day on the beach with our loved ones….oh, and our children!

Happy days with our four legged friends on Otaki Beach.

We all know how important food is to any event.

Luckily we partner with the best to bring you incredible fare.

Here are one of the glorious canapes on offer to our guests courtesy of Canape Company.

You can’t beat a vintage suitcase.

The perfect receptacle for those much appreciated envelopes of generosity.

Our antique French workbench which doubles as a gift table compliments the Wishing Case superbly.

It’s always exciting to host someone who works in the industry.

And flattering that they choose you.

The groom, Ben, is a wedding videographer, who often collaberates with photographer David Le.

One of my favourite shots of the bridal party walking down Te Hapua Road and David has captured it to a tee.

Sometimes the Stables just sing to you.

Hear their song.

Spring has sprung. Blossom is peeping out from the branches. It’s wedding time.

Charlotte and Shane said their vows on a perfect spring day.

Congratulations to a really beautiful couple.