You can’t beat a vintage suitcase.

The perfect receptacle for those much appreciated envelopes of generosity.

Our antique French workbench which doubles as a gift table compliments the Wishing Case superbly.

It’s always exciting to host someone who works in the industry.

And flattering that they choose you.

The groom, Ben, is a wedding videographer, who often collaberates with photographer David Le.

One of my favourite shots of the bridal party walking down Te Hapua Road and David has captured it to a tee.

Sometimes the Stables just sing to you.

Hear their song.

Spring has sprung. Blossom is peeping out from the branches. It’s wedding time.

Charlotte and Shane said their vows on a perfect spring day.

Congratulations to a really beautiful couple.

The best way to celebrate summer is with some live jazz in the Old Caravan Stage.

A perfect combo.